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Apple's Siri, head of the business was to leave The seven years of development not satisfied

Date: 2019-02-03

Seven years later, Siri is far from jobs initially envisioned.

Apple Siri, according to The Information business, head of The original Bill Stasior will no longer leading The project.He won't leave apple temporarily, but it is unclear what jobs will be transferred to.

In 2012, Bill Stasior was former apple executives Scott Forstall dig to lead the Siri from amazon, now has seven years.Before joining apple, he had to work in the amazon's A9 research team, and responsible for the company's search business.According to the apple hope at that time, Bill Stasior's job is to search on the apple become a core assets, and make it reach the top level of the world.

It is with jobs just to buy Siri when deviating from the original.In June 2010, jobs in the Wall Street journal's All Things Digital technology conference, said: "Siri had no intention of involved in the search field, they belong to the field of artificial intelligence...We didn't plan into the search field, this is not our areas of interest, others do better in this field."

Said a member of the Siri, Siri the ideal setting and the girlfriend of artificial intelligence in 2013 film "she", in the film, Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely man, in love with his familiar operating system "Samantha".

So, like Bill Stasior search experts appointed leadership Siri, discredit the founding team immediately.Stasior after entering apple is mainly responsible for leading the key technique of Siri voice recognition system, natural language processing system and apple's various search functions.

Last march, The Information interviewed Siri team, before Siri to employees of The Information, said Siri team members is generally accepted that Stasior successfully led The team, because he lacks in voice or background in natural language processing.

And the death of Steve jobs and Forstall's departure has also increased the apple internal struggle, competition between different departments in order to gain attention and resources, and often in conflict, and low-key gentle personality Bill Stasior is weak.Siri, co-founder of Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus departure, take away a lot of early employees.Soon these people and formed a new company - Viv Labs, and continue to build better digital voice assistant.All these things let Bill Stasior very angry, he even prohibited them from re-entering the apple park.

2011 Siri carrying on the iPhone 4 s available for the first time, everyone thought it would be a revolution of NLP, even some senior technology professionals think Siri is good enough for "smart" two characters.But apple quickly to accumulate in the field of speech aides first-mover advantage to the amazon and Google.

Two Siri team staff told The Information until The end of 2014 The amazon's Echo launch, Siri team know apple will have a smart speaker project.And it is in fact the company planned to launch a common sound box, does not carry Siri.

In June 2017, the Wall Street journal wrote in a report, HomePod "at best, speakers on the market in the family can only ranked the third".

Last year, apple hired former Google search and artificial intelligence director John Giannandrea, to be responsible for the apple machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy, become one of the executives of 16 report directly to the cook.

At the end of last year, Giannandrea was promoted to senior vice President, director of the Core ML and Siri team, etc.The Bill is dominated by Giannandrea Stasior departure.

Giannandrea arrival means Siri to the beginning of the next change.He decided to Siri to study for a long time, rather than the annual periodic upgrades.Giannandrea Siri is expected to soon be looking for a new head.