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The Guangdong Hotel (Zhuhai yuehai jiudian) is located at the intersection of East Yuehai Road and Lianhua Road,  a ten-minute drive away from Jiuzhou Port.
Overlooking the South China Sea,  this Zhuhai hotel features two connected towers.  All of the hotel's over 100 serviced apartments and various rooms come well appointed. Most afford pretty sea views as well.

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  • ml1219393ml
    Well, also from the Sea close to the
  • brentwong
    Guangdong Regency Hotel Zhuhai: second, standard rooms are too small, feels a bit old, and poorly ventilated. Unfortunately, October 31 until after the second floor dining room decoration, go out to eat breakfast not satisfactory.
  • jessica7948
    Other I on not more said, on said service's, really not sense agree! I need print a copies information, General hotel of service center or business center are can provides the items service, I live Regency Hotel apartments floor, a floor has a service center, pendulum with computer and printer, Office equipment, past Advisory asked whether can borrowed print copies information? was open with eyes lie of said no printer print can't...... I said that's not printer? was dissected by me or is it can't printYou go outside! I say again, I will stay this hotel, I borrow a printer can not do? how do you charge how to charge, never mind. results of people didn't pay any attention to me, drinking her water, leisurely leisurely said you go out ... ... At this point I've been speechless, really want to complain about her, which is a famous hotel, Zhuhai, four-star hotel service and hospitality you? I have stayed in so many hotels, have never seen said printer Service Center does notCan customers use ... ... Most hilarious is that I was printing out back or something to see herself in her print ... ...
  • bclove
    Old hotel, good hardware, stayed in a standard room, the House and the bed is a bit small, next time try apartment. push raised 29-floor revolving restaurant, view class!
  • E01148835
    Environment, good health, very low, aging facilities
  • alexsyj
    Hotel is a little old, but sanitation made clean, facilities good, WiFi signal or fixed in a one-bedroom apartment in the building opposite the hotel, well. Services and the child does not like at the edge of the room, call room, reception desk attendant card room
  • rudiwu
    Great front desk manager friendly! is the old refrigerator in the room locked? just want to freeze something will not work
  • andre.wang
    Overall satisfaction. clean, service good.
  • sabryang
    A nice hotel, shopping, eating.
  • e00214787
    Start for us to live in, 9/f, might account for just renovating itch after the into, and told the hotel, hotel will help us change, 19/f, no smell of the room, very well right now we've changed
  • curry03130
    Location near the Gongbei gate, old hotel.
  • afenn
    Every time he comes to live in Zhuhai in Guangdong, apartments feel like living at home, health services, equipment and the environment are very good!
  • gggdd
    Service and comfort, very good!
  • e00921617
    Nice nice
  • e03185233
    Service was very good, the hotel is the only fly in the ointment, the equipment of the room is too old, need to improve ventilation in addition to smell, the top floor breakfast is impressive (revolving restaurant)
  • tom22
    OK ... Hotel facilities ...
  • sx_0315
    Hotel for a long time, decorate too old
  • f59172
    Children swimming pool
  • smilell
    Nice hotel, good rooms. Description and online, recommended hotels.
  • connie_cui
  • clairelee
    Used each time you yuehai, comfortable hotels, free upgrade to Executive room with sea view, good!
  • alialyf
    Like, well, regular live.
  • firewind283
    Travel convenience
  • e00638533
    Like a hotel, easy to clean. Lotus road, lively bar is busy.
  • dadaoji
    Yes, ideal for
  • AndyLiuxin
    Hotel is clean, reception idleness, lack of enthusiasm, room facilities, hotel, bed in a double room is small, next time I go to Zhuhai, should consider other accommodation hotels, four star hotel standard and far worse, housing prices too expensive, not worth the price.
  • am0325
    Mission often live in the hotel, breakfast was good
  • meijianming
    Yes, a five-person holiday apartment living room more suitable for, the surrounding environment is also very good, convenient, is unfortunately no breakfast.
  • simin1860
    Hotel is clean, the service was excellent, accidentally injured a finger, the front desk sent STYPTIC. around transport facilities, distance from Gongbei port only a ten-minute walk, a street next to the snack food.
  • Baluexpoer
    Old hotel, rooms a strong smoke flavor, small room, small bed. around eating convenient, relatively slightly pricey for the room.
  • family89
    Hotel room facilities, room facilities and prices do not match
  • abu009
    Good service, good sanitation.
  • caddie0628
    OK hotel
  • sev7en
    Built for a long time, older room, soundproofing is poor, but it is quite clean, overall it is good.
  • e03121021
    It's OK
  • cinderealla
    Location is good, but because hotels update renovation works, some floors feel older, Chinese restaurant closed for renovation, some inconvenience, food so-so.
  • james021
    Often, an upgrade to the newly renovated suite, very good
  • eyelee100
    Guang Dong Xuan Gong is worthy of the top floor, especially breakfast.
  • dingyi
    When they arrived at the hotel at 11 in the morning, due to the body being wet, and was at the airport the night before tossing all night, talk with the front desk did not expect immediately to issue me with a stay at the front desk, really thanks. after to Zhuhai will live in this hotel.
  • e05973774
    Japanese style hotel, old facilities, when it's clean. rotate the top floor cafeteria of the hotel is very good, used widely issue credit cards to buy one get one, there is the hotel near the large shopping malls are near.
  • minijocelyn
    It wasn't too bad!
  • Acboy
    Convenient shopping
  • Anna1007
    I always use... we are very indebted.
  • bartwang
    Good location, the surrounding environment, more convenient Gongbei
  • candy_jjc
    Hotel is comfortable, affordable and suitable for business and family fun.
  • coffee601
    Hotel outside floor more old, time long of reasons, after all square comrade are to had, service good, health good, location good, away from arch North port and couples road are near, bus also convenient. but TV of Taiwan too less, and TV picture not clear, TV can for's. bed no socket, phone filling a electric are not convenient, 29 floor of revolving restaurant West of meal mainly, anyway I eat not habits, fill full belly just, is landscape good, General meet four star of standard
  • e00124374
    Be fooled by hotel door at the outset, more than 300 think four stars are also cost-effective, looks good, away from the road, travel choices is a bit poor
  • e00059705
  • goalsee
    Convenience, good service.
  • Abrams
    In General, older hotel, convenient to the pedestrian street