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Guangdong liquor control group carry out a comprehensive marketing promotion Eastern Region

Date: 2013-03-16

March 15, including Ctrip, eLong, freezing point, move to win electronics, China's civil aviation, HRS.com, Derby software, tonight hotel special, really brigade network Jetour including a number of travel agencies and other electricity suppliers Eastern Regionresponsible person and Guangdong (International) Hotel Management Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as liquor control group) Sales Director, Guangdong Hotel Shanghai, Changshu Hotel, Zhangjiagang in the Guangdong International Hotel, Nantong Lai Fai International Guangdong Hotel General Managerand the sales person in charge gathered Guangdong Hotel Shanghai, jointly attended the liquor control group Association Eastern Region network of sales channels, and on how to improve network orders, develop reasonable and effective modes of cooperation, development of network resources and Internet marketing strategies and other issuesin-depth discussions.Conference hotel sales representatives and representatives full interaction network channels, a variety of marketing ideas collide, deepened the liquor control group, members of the hotel with the electricity supplier channels mutual understanding, after the Shanghai Guangdong Hotel electricity provider immediately signed a cooperation channel immediatelyagreement.The Association Eastern Region as a liquor control group marketing an important part of promotional activities, carefully prepared, warm and harmonious atmosphere, the number of participants, specifications, good effect, not only to maximize the integration of the Group's resources, improve the members of the hotelsales strategy synergies and resource advantages, and enhance brand competitiveness of Guangdong, Guangdong international brands to create new advantages, to achieve the desired results.

East China is the center of China's economy, the economy outside the main barometer of China's economy.To help the hotel in the new market environment, timely adjustment of marketing work thinking, carding business structure, potential innovation, liquor control Group Sales actively play a role in supporting platform, Waiyinneilian, enhance resource integration, brand expansion, go all out to assist the hotelachieve annual budgetary targets.March 11 to 14, liquor control group sales and marketing has arrived Lihui Guangdong Hotel Nantong, Zhangjiagang in Guangdong Hotel, Changshu Hotel, Guangdong Hotel Shanghai, respectively, visited the hotel owners, to discuss matters relating to the sale,strengthen our brand, group marketing integration, innovative marketing communication of new ideas to get the owner to work on our recognition and support; conduct field research, visiting competitors hotels; hotel general manager and head of sales for the new national eightAdministrative provisions produce food and beverage market decline in demand for the grim situation to make a full judgment and should vary with changes in the market repositioning, adjusting income structure and sales strategy, consolidating and maintaining good government based on the food and beverage market, product innovation, to developmarketing and network marketing business, leisure and explore explore overseas markets, increase market share; inspire the morale of frontline sales team to discuss the sale of the work of thinking; respect of the Group's internal resources development, Group Sales also discuss with the hotel general manager, signed GuangdongShanghai International Group, the feasibility of commercial agreements version of the company in order to point to face, pulling the local business market off-site marketing, to create Group in the business market, competitive advantage.

Liquor control group to carry out marketing activities not only strengthen the eastern region of subordinates hotel sales support, and integration of the Eastern Region resources products and network channels, increasing the integration and sharing of resources, the formation of marketing force, in order to promote regional marketing for a useful exploration.