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A different kind of training, the joy of barbecue

Date: 2013-06-04

Also remember, it was a sunny afternoon, when I was still immersed in the wonderful dreamland.Suddenly, I do not know from where came the waves smell of barbecue.Follow the scent, I came to Guangdong Hotel's swimming pool, not enough time to react, he was director of hotel housekeeping director Lu shouted the past, "Zheng Zhang, not hands-on, so what!" This way, I could react,Today is the Guangdong Hotel Front Office, Housekeeping joint development training and barbecue parties.So, I rubbed his eyes, waking from a dream, to join the ranks of everyone busy.Happy day, it started that way.
The pool is busy land director, as well as a mysterious special guest - from the General Manager's Office Xie Yan, the main content of the event for everyone planned by him.Look, Lu and Xie Yan Director are two whispering, studying the contents of today's event yet.It is reported that today's main course and barbecue for outdoor training.This allows everyone full of expectation.
15:00, campaign officially started, Xie Yan of the organization, we were divided into four teams, respectively, by the Panjing from the liquor control group, Front Office Business Center Li Xiaochun, housekeeping Bo and Zhang Zheng Leisure Centreled.Training There are three major projects, namely: the blind across the river, a thousand words, and a stop in the end, the higher the cumulative score wins.Led by the captain, the players played a wisdom, personal potential is unlimited explore, team cohesion has improved.Through interactive games, we lifted the mood of the usually busy, a full physical and mental relaxation.
Next, is the interesting riddles activities poolside lamppost plastered all kinds of riddles, everyone freely combined in twos and threes walking by the pool, reading riddles serious problem, the paper leaving their answers.As described in vivid and humorous riddles, Pool bursts of hearty laughter was heard from the staff as if in riddles, the back of their own childhood, their youth.
17:10, full of rhythmic music, barbecue parties began.We put up the stove, picked up a long string of food ready to actively run around in between tables and stoves, instant, tangy aroma filled the pool.Even more amazing is that the hotel's two Assistant General Manager Miss Wu Meixing and Miss Xue Ying also came to the event, for everyone personally boiled dumplings, so dumplings desk waiting in a long queue.At that moment, filled with joy and happy smile on everyone's face.
Finally, with a southern style of music sounded, we heard singing and dancing for the event, drawing on the perfect finish.The event, fully demonstrated the vibrant youthful employees, team spirit, greatly enhancing the department cohesion, the hotel's staff will also be full of enthusiasm to meet new challenges in future.