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20 set to work accompanying Guangdong Hotel Thanksgiving held the 20th anniversary of tea, then opened the forum

Date: 2013-07-08

"Today young friends to meet, song and laughter around the clouds fly ...... another twenty years we re-meet, the great motherland how beautiful! Toast like a hero, honor belongs to whom ......" June 18afternoon, accompanied by a beautiful melody, Guangdong Hotel opening words of the 20th anniversary symposium in West Richland tea house on the 1st hall opened.Hotel team with 38 store age of 20 years old staff will then past tea at the table together love, Imagine a better future.

In the tea party, hotel managing director Miss Yu Fei gave a warm speech, she represented the team to thank all the staff for the hotel development for their hard work and quiet dedication!Sticking to service more than 20 years of loyal devotion paid tribute to older employees with heartfelt gratitude to encourage everyone to continue to make plans for the hotel, give full play to the fine tradition of Guangdong people, good "Biography, help with" work, train morenewcomers for hotel development and make new contributions.Want to put today's anniversary as a new starting point, work together to achieve a win-win business and employees.

Participants Chelsea Ng, Yuancui Ying, blue Swiss expensive, Liangmao Xiang, SHEN Cunrui, Wu Meixing, ZHANG Jun-wei, 38 older employees from different positions, are engaged staff restaurant, laundry, room, security, maintenance, recreation and conference services, etc. in generalemployees have embarked on middle and senior management positions older employees, they active in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the Guangdong Hotel in work, life photo presentation, sharing the story behind the photo.They fondly recalled the difficult years after the hotel opened, unforgettable memories.Their respective cultural atmosphere in Guangdong continued growth and progress gratified the hotel from small to large, developed into the top three hotels in Zhuhai Tourism brilliant performance heartfelt pride.They said, "From black to white hair dry, we shop for the home, enjoying the warmth and happiness of Guangdong, the hotel even more profound feelings, we will be a stronger sense of responsibility, dedication, and continue toHotel contribute to the development. "

It is learned that in order to run this simple, enthusiastic, innovative, meaningful 20 anniversary symposium and related activities, hotel around "20 set together, accompanied by Thanksgiving" theme, various departments complement each other, carefully planned for each 20years of age older employees shop exquisite homemade greeting cards, souvenirs, General Manager at Fiji personally signed, brought against older employees 20 years loyal service thanks and warm wishes; organized hotel opened in the employee cafeteria 20th anniversary photographic exhibition by the great footprint, politicians celebrities come, love offerings, customer appreciation, quality, security, training and learning, staff style, moon cake sales, hotels and other 10 topics Honor showcase together with the staff of the enterprise development process and results, illustrated in the form of cause employeesgreat interest and love.