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Strict food quality safety hazard containment Golden Lake Guangdong Hotel strengthen the focus on work and strive to complete moon cake budget targets

Date: 2013-07-11

Changes in the economic environment and by policy factors, this moon cake market outlook is expected than in previous years, "but this year the moon cake budget targets can not be reduced, a lot of pressure, Golden Lake Guangdong Hotel is facing a tough battle, we will find ways to fullyto go, full mobilization, we will focus on work, and strive to complete the task this year's moon cake sales. "This is the Golden Lake Guangdong Hotel General Manager Lin Yiwen hotel staff on behalf of the firm echo.To ensure that this task is completed, Lake Hotel formulated to ensure food hygiene and safety and production safety and other key work, strict moon cake quality, safety off, and strive to fulfill this year's moon cake budget targets.

With the national increase food safety supervision, increasing the threshold of the food industry, increasingly strict requirements, safety and health as moon cake consumption trends.To allow consumers to enjoy their, delicious moon cake, moon cake pay close attention to the quality of Golden Lake Guangdong Hotel, established a rigorous product development, quality control management system, from raw material procurement, purchasing, moon cake production, marketing and other aspects of strict enforcementrelevant national food regulatory requirements.

The first half of this year, the hotel under the new national food safety standards, in Dongguan City Health Supervision Bureau under the guidance of more than 10 million investment for equipment rectification, made food production licenses and other relevant certification.In order to strengthen its own precise laboratory inspection force, hotel for laboratory testing equipment and technical strength to invest, to control the quality of each batch of moon cake to ensure compliance with national food hygiene requirements.

To strengthen the staff's food quality, safety awareness, the hotel staff carefully organized learning "Food Safety Law" and the hotel food safety regulations require that each employee do understand and observe law and food safety awareness throughout the whole production process,Real-time control product quality and health and safety; hotel moon cake out of the Treasury to establish strict supervision, registration system, vouchers incoming and outgoing goods, inspection certificate and inspection of food security situation, and truthfully record the name of the food, specifications, quantity, production date,production lot, inspection certificate number, the name and contact information of purchases, sales date, etc.; Food Inspection Audit, will always scrutinize moon cake production and marketing situation, the factory guarantee food safety; Security Department requires local delivery by the security guardsresponsible for the distribution, to ensure food safety during transportation.

Hotel from the consumer's health and taste quality sake, "In the fillings evaluation process, the hotel will participate in standard units fillings bearer number, the judges patiently taste, contrast, scoring, fair and impartial selection of fillings manufacturers."Hotels in the moon cake fillings using quality food resources, the introduction of low-sugar, low-fat, safe, nutritious and healthy olive Less sugar sand moon cake, moon cake and other series like olive oil cakes and homemade taste unique secret Nuts moon cake fillings.

Production safety, the hotel's various positions on the moon cake production seasonal workers, will be relevant in the pre-job safety training and hands-on training, perfusion safety awareness.Hotel security staff from time to time for the operator to carry out supervision, identify problems promptly corrected.Security manager, safety officer Chan noted that the new leadership and security department, engineering department at the moon cake production line before the start of a comprehensive inspection, equipment, eliminate safety hazards; under strict security regime, hotels tough talk, each perform their duties.

At present, the liquor control group under the unified arrangements, in close collaboration with various departments, Golden Lake Guangdong Hotel moon cake fillings bidding successfully concluded, moon cake samples for inspection, food production license certification work has been completed on schedule contracted salespreliminary work ...... moon cake production orderly manner."Moon cake sales work throughout the year, in all aspects of business closely linked together, we will ensure safety, quality and quantity of the important premise, good cost control, to achieve maximum efficiency hotel, and strive to achieve this year's moon cake budget targets." TotalManagers Linyi Wen said.